Pourya Shafiei

Creative Strategist | Storyteller

Based in Vancouver, BC

with four years of experience in creative strategy.
& over six years of experience in marketing and sales.




Founder, Creative Strategist, Brand Strategist, Social Media and online presence, UI/UX design, Photography, Videography.
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Co-Founder, Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Content Creation, and Operations.
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Project Manager
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360° Creative Strategy
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A little bit about me

I am a storytellerproblem-solver, coffee enthusiast, dog dad, sourdough baker and a bit of a DIYer. That's pretty much me, but if you want the longer version, keep reading.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

Having spent the last two decades of my life in Dubai - I have had the privilege of working in one of the most diverse markets in the world. Although my career path took me on a wild run, I've always had a strong passion for communications.
Creative strategy is at the core of everything I do. During my seven year career I have worked with multinational brands such as McDonald’s, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen. In doing so I have learnt to always be curious enough to find ways of strengthening the connection between brand, product and consumer.

I also have experience with multiple start-ups, actively involved in the stress and rigorous task of accomplishing the improbable. This is where I utilized my skills and expanded my expertise to operational management.

I inspire to learn and create.

I got the chance to add Webflow to my portfolio of skills, it's the platform that this website was built on.

Im comfortable working with:
adobe photoshop
Adobe illustrator
webflow development
adobe premiere PRO
adobe after effects
final cut pro
microsoft office suite


“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London

Behind every memorable campaign lies hours of study and research; understanding the story behind the business, identifying the characteristics of the target market, recognizing relative trends, formulating insights and so much more. Following a creative process gives you the opportunity to explore innovative routes that may have otherwise been ignored.

Identify the problem?

Identify the issue at hand. What am I here to solve? What's working? What's not working? Visualizing the problem; helps me better analyze the big picture. A great start, if you don't already have a brief.

Identify the right problem to solve.

Research & Explore

Research, and more research. Understand the business, the customer, the CB process, the market sector and soo much more. Identify opportunities, set goals and define your needs.

Discover; Communication goals, Competitive landscape, and Identifying relevant trends.

Brainstorm & Analyze

Personally, this is my favorite part of the creative process. With research in hand, I can see the broader picture; identify areas of communicative advantage and put together a creative strategy.

Discover; Positioning, Communication plan, Brand story, Communication mix, Creative strategy.

Bringing it to life

In order to create something both relevant and unique, I need to try to unlearn everything I know. Take my research in hand and compose an integrated creative strategy. An open mind and a curiosity to experiment are key to this phase. Concepts generated in the previous phase are further developed, crafted into strategic plan that communicate the message in a clear and engaging way.

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