Kaynouna was born to fill a niche. An event focused on spirituality, oneness and a sense of community. A music festival; that's more than just music.


Dubai, known for it's extravagant nightlife lacked a safe haven for expressive music.


Create an event catered to all; fusing nightlife, art, dance, culture and spirituality.


The word "Kaynouna" in Arabic philosophy, means to exist. Spirituality, oneness, a sense of society and culture has been lacking in the Dubai nightlife. Focusing on art, a sense of community and connection; we created Kaynouna. Introducing new themes every season, such as; The Art of Chilling, We are Roots, Cosmic Conscious, and more. Each theme would have it's own look and feel across all medias; and every theme would center around the concept of spirituality. Kaynouna; hosted an "Art Hub" which would host open air yoga and sound meditation sessions during the day, then performance arts and collaborative art instillations by night. We also used that space to host photography exhibitions, wellness booths, and boutiques - bringing together the Dubai art community.

We always strive to create a playground for self expression in all it's forms and this is equally important to the music.